How to get here

Station SNCF Deauville Trouville: Paris-Trouville: 2h15

than 13 min walk of 1,2 KM along the quay of the river Touques through the city.

from the north, AMIEN – 199KM = 2h15
from the east, PARIS – 200KM = 2h20

If you come by car during the high season, have in mind you are not the only one. We recommend to come by train.

Prepare your trip to Trouville with the originial App of the OFFICE DE TOURISME DE TROUVILLE

Our philosophy

We build a cosy home for our guests

You feel „home“ the moment“ you set foot in the TOWNHOUSE TROUVILLE. You will find amenities to nourish your body and soul after a day outside. You find an equipped kitchenette in case you want to cook your meals, just make a nice breakfast or if your kids scream for their favorite pasta. You will sink into comfortable beds, pillows and sheets getting all the sleep you want and need. We offer additional services, that make your vacation worthwhile. You can get personal advice and suggestions from us to all your requests.

The founders

„I’m inspired by beauty in its every aspect and Trouville’s simplicity allows it’s people, architecture and nature to come together to create a beautiful paradise. “

Carlo Castro


Carlo is an American European that has started his career in dance theater and, musical theater. He has directed fashion productions, worked on French, German and Swiss television and last but not least, interior decorating.

Oliver Wriedt


Inspired by nature and the rich French Normandy cuisine, Oliver fell in love with this special place. He has a worldwide commercial and managing expertise in fashion, skincare and fine fragrances.

„During my life in corporate business, I travel a lot and had the chance to be in many places far away from home- so I appreciate the honest and simple housing that embraces’ you the moment you step your foot in, you feel at home.“

„Woof, woof, I love the beachside and the water. Running and playing with other dogs. It is a paradise here: come rain or shine.“



He is a mix made from love (the mother, a Labrador – Dalmatian mix and father a full Husky).
That‘s why he looks mostly like a brown Labrador but his personality is definitely Husky. He is a big fan of the tourist dogs: „always someone new to play with“.
Brodie is young at heart.

The building history and heritage

Build in around 1890 we don’t know yet if the house was originally constructed already as a Hotel or as a private residence? All we could find out was that it was known as the „Hotel de la Mer“ and then changed into an Apartment Hotel that was under several Names such as „Villa Madeleine André“ and „Villa MGM“ and now the TOWNHOUSE TROUVILLE.

Normandy and especially the “cote fleurie“ was very famous already in the 18th hundred.
Where Europe’s first influencer invented the bath in the sea.
More than two centuries ago, a 19-year-old, Maria Carolina, Princess von Bourbon-Sicilian and Duchesse de Berry, walked into the sea at Dieppe, for the first time in France. Since then, the French town of Dieppe claims to have invented the beach life.

In the 19th century, Trouville-sur-mer was named as „the queen of the beaches“, the jewel of them all.

The birth of townhouse trouville

The Townhouse Trouville remains a work in progress, undergoing various loving restorations since its inception in 2019. Prior to its conversion into a modern, stylish Apartment Hotel, founders Carlo Castro and Oliver Wriedt were visiting Trouville annually over 20 years. They started by buying their first property in Trouville and building local friendships and networks. Due to the shape of the old redbrick building the founders named the house TOWNHOUSE TROUVILLE, also as their strong dedication to this beautiful city and coast.