December 23, 2019: There I was and there I am.

My husband Martin, our dog Coffee and I are coming to Townhouse Trouville for the first time on December 23, 2019, just in time for the housewarming party. Carlo and Oliver are dog acquaintances of Martin from the Luitpoldpark in Munich. And because Brodie and Coffee are a good team right from the start, the masters also become friends – as it is with dog people …

The idea to be in Normandy over the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year, Martin had already in the summer. We both had no idea how it would be here in the Townhouse Trouville. And an idea that we would be the first overnight guests on the 23rd, we had even less.

The stylishly renovated house, the two adorable hosts, the sandy beach around the corner and the nice little town but have spontaneously provided a great sense of well-being. The only drawback: My school French was not even enough for the smallest of the small talks!

So this is the background of my plan, which was quite crazy from the beginning, to spend a longer time here, to help in the hotel and to learn French.

Voilà! Here I am. Pandemic-related one year later than originally planned, but hey: I’m here now.

Je suis là!

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