February 12: Off to the market!

One important thing first: Except for the cover photo of this post (that was the view from my kitchen window this morning, honestly) all photos are from Thomas (thank you!). I myself was once again far too busy looking and wondering, as that I would have thought of photographing … I’m really unsuited for this Insta-world …

Marché aux puces à Deauville

First stop: flea market at the Salle des Fêtes, Avenue de la République. I had long since made a note of this vide-grenier and set my sights on it. Realization: I guess indoor flea markets smell the same all over the world – a little musty, a little mothball-y, and kind of dusty. Naturally, Yvette has a bit of a problem with that (hihi). But seriously, I was actually surprised by the fact that even at such a “non-professional” flea market there were things I had to sneak around several times to avoid buying (porcelain dog white-black, quite large/old silk scarves possibly actually real Dior/pillboxes small and fine). The prices for them were surprisingly acceptable. Why I didn’t buy then? – Because I’m afraid of return train miles! Also, I will admit that I was a little uncomfortable in the crowds and among all the people.

Marché de Deauville

Second stop: Place du Marché (where else?). But of course, this is also the absolute perfect place for a market – with open-air and half-timbered halls, colorful and fragrant in its mix of cloths and books, hats and clothes, fruit and vegetable stalls, fish and meat counters. But also worth seeing is the range of market people. Here there are slick-operated and made-up older gentlemen accompanied by fuzzy fiffis next to the grande dame in sable (unfortunately, definitely real), young things a bit too loud trying on cardigans with a bit too much polyester and, of course, the traditional rotund market vendor whose mischievous smile finds its way over the mask into the bright eyes.

Markets belong to Trouville and Deauville like beach and seagulls. By the way, the one in Trouville is always on Wednesdays and Sundays:

Allons ! Au marché !