February 13: The usual

It’s really completely crazy: departure Sunday again! And I don’t want to bore you with cleaning stories from Yvette. But I still want to introduce you to two studios – before my time here comes to an end next Sunday (madness: my last week!) …

Voilà, the 1 and the 4

I’m putting the two together because they’re quite similar: in size, layout, and furniture. Accordingly, they are also directly above each other: the 1 on the ground floor, the 4 on the second floor.

Their central design element is a piece of jewelry with a wow effect. The comfortable sofa can be transformed into a double bed in no time at all. The two “Murphy Beds” (as the unobtrusive folding structures are called) give their face to the elegant rooms with large windows facing the street.

Both studios, of course, include a kitchenette. And even though cooking, living and sleeping take place in only one room, both apartments look really spacious and also offer good storage space with their closets.

The white tiled bathrooms are not space miracles, but functional, beautiful and of course above all clean :-).

But of course they are not quite identical, the 1 and the 4! Because while the 1 scores with a small wooden dining table, the 4 relies mainly on a spacious kitchen with counter – and the coolest pattern wallpaper in the townhouse (I think). Unfortunately, new photos of the most recent changes – the wallpaper, for example – won’t be taken until tomorrow … But the post pictures show the Murphy Beds quite well anyway, don’t they?

Now I’m just looking forward to a final week of the usual: