February 14: Art instead of Valentine’s Day!

Today I have another little treat for you – prepared with love for Valentine’s Day for you :-).

At the art of the street artist with the camouflage name “Fox in Trouville” you come here simply not past – quite the opposite: You meet her on almost every corner :-).

Actually, I would have had an appointment with the artist personally. But he no longer lives in Trouville and it has somehow not meant to be. But because the action and the works as well as the idea behind it are so particularly sympathetic (the Frenchman likes to say often: c’est sympa – and I learn and take over like crazy ;-), I wanted to briefly introduce you to the project even without having met the Fox.

This fox (so: le renard) was here during the Corona Lockdown in all secrecy under cover of night – incognito with a fox mask on his head – on the road and left his paintings on public house walls and walls. He wanted to set a sign for joy and hope, according to local media. The portraits, 12 in all, depict only women: Dedicated and courageous women of different eras who have shaped their time. Jane Goodall is just as much a part of it as Nina Simone, Camille Claudel or the Japanese manga heroine Chihiro. On my Fox treasure hunt in Trouville I discovered the following ladies for you: Erykah Badu, Cléopâtre VII, Rosa Bonheur, Lou Salomé, Camille Claudel and Nina Simone:

It is clear that he has also developed a special technique, this “fox”: the basis of his street art are photographs, which he has traced, printed out on A4 format, then cut out as a stencil and assembled on the wall accordingly and “be-sprayt”. The templates have been destroyed in each case afterwards. So we are dealing with unique pieces. I think they are great. A city walk with an open eye for these 12 ladies is worthwhile!

Because they are indeed beautiful to fall in love with. Therefore:

L’art au lieu de la Saint-Valentin!