February 16: Goodbye!

Describing something that will have passed in the future is the essential feature of the future tense II. But this also makes „I will have been there“ a tense that you don’t really need – unless you have your poor man conjugate verbs out of the blue. But what’s with the future tense II now? Well. Here’s the thing: You’ll have read this from me when I’m not even back home yet!

This is my last post from Trouville.

On Thursday – yay, that’s already tomorrow – I’m getting a visit from a dear friend and I’m looking forward to sharing Trouville one last time: the sea, the baguette, the fish market or the dîner in the brasserie.

Hm. One last time … I think there are people who count last times. And I believe there are people who don’t. I definitely belong to the first kind. And it’s probably really embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually been celebrating the last big purchase at Monoprix (crap: I never mentioned that – but they really do have EVERYTHING!), the probably last walk on the beach, or the really very last trip to Deauville for a week now. Is so.

And also on this next point, I believe in two kinds of people: Those who make goodbyes big and important. And those who keep them small. I belong to the second one here:

Au revoir !