February 16: Goodbye!

Describing something that will have passed in the future is the essential feature of the future tense II. But this also makes “I will have been there” a tense that you don’t really need – unless you have your poor man conjugate verbs out of the blue. But what’s with the future tense II now? Well. Here’s the thing: You’ll have read this from me when I’m not even back home yet!

This is my last post from Trouville.

On Thursday – yay, that’s already tomorrow – I’m getting a visit from a dear friend and I’m looking forward to sharing Trouville one last time: the sea, the baguette, the fish market or the dîner in the brasserie.

Hm. One last time … I think there are people who count last times. And I believe there are people who don’t. I definitely belong to the first kind. And it’s probably really embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually been celebrating the last big purchase at Monoprix (crap: I never mentioned that – but they really do have EVERYTHING!), the probably last walk on the beach, or the really very last trip to Deauville for a week now. Is so.

And also on this next point, I believe in two kinds of people: Those who make goodbyes big and important. And those who keep them small. I belong to the second one here:

Au revoir !


3 thoughts on “February 16: Goodbye!”

  1. Dear Yvette aka dear Astrid.
    Carlo and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your courage in finally embarking on this adventure, and especially for your efforts and great commitment in our house. Also with the lovely written and every day new to discover blog.
    All of us, Carlo, Oliver, Marie-Thérese and also the guests of the Townhouse have been able to get to know you and appreciate you even more during this time. We will miss you very much…

    Thank you, Au revoir. Auf Wiedersehen, see you soon….

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