February 6: All good things come in threes

Every Sunday … comes a power mission. We’ve seen that before. And I just don’t make a big deal out of it. Today I cleaned the 3, supported Marie-Thérèse with the 4 and afterwards I swept through my 7 as usual. Come to think of it, today was probably the third time I’ve been in the 3 (hee hee).

Voilà, the 3

I love the 3. Not only because the bed and the bathroom are brand new. But also because it’s just really pretty here!

The 3 is “only” a studio. That is, there is only one room in total. In this room, however, there is the most beautiful wood paneling in the entire house – and the built-in closets provide a nice amount of storage space to the right and left of the bed.

The bathroom has a big old window and is appropriately bright. And I really like the brown tiles on the walls (Yvette finds the color grateful :-).

The kitchen is of course relatively manageable, but quite cleverly solved.

And already we have them together the three things: room, kitchen, bathroom -.

toutes les bonnes choses vont par trois.