February 9: very French

Everything as it should: Astrid is working – a bit like in normal life (i.e. texts), a bit Townhouse … and the Townhouse location was good for a nice little surprise again last night. Because there was a spontaneous aperitif in the backyard. And we went into overtime with some pizzas from around the corner. “Apéritif dînatoire” is then called by the way: un repas léger et informel 🙂

The German guests, who have been here since Sunday, have made the role of host very easy for us: they contribute to the apéritif what their fridge can offer, they are nice talkers and they love Trouville. They have been coming here regularly for five years. Maybe it’s an unwritten law that Trouville turns its visitors into repeat offenders. In any case, the two are now quite well acquainted with the local restaurant greats themselves and are welcome buyers at small flea markets – like the one for stray cats (really!) in Villerville …

By the way, I have a learning: flea markets are very French. I already know three different vocabularies for it and there are probably a lot more – the terms seem to refer to where the old treasures come from; for example from the attic (vide-grenier) or from the antique dealer (brocantes professionnelles). Anyway, the next two in Deauville are already on my calendar!

Remember: aperitifs and flea markets are

très français!