January 17-20: The best is yet to come

It fits in well with my planning that we don’t have any new arrivals or departures for a while this week – that’s what my housekeeping app tells me, by the way. Because in fact there is still my normal work life and I have taken two text projects with me to Trouville. Fortunately, Corona has long since ensured that kick-off meetings and team meetings can be held online from anywhere.

So there’s not much to report from me these days: I’m working. And I feel a bit like the “poor poet” up here in my little rooftop studio with the hot water bottle on my lap (grin). Meanwhile Trouville shows its sunny winter side and the one or other beach walk with Oliver and Brodie or without dictates to me for the first time since last Saturday an important sentence: Good that I’m here! This is reassuring insofar as I doubt now and then whether all this is really so profitable for me – or just a crazy idea …

Because: Yes. I miss Martin.


And I miss the brown monster Coffee. I miss my dear family, my friends at home. I think I also need my text work to keep me busy and to settle down in my life as a brave adventurer abroad during this first week.

Next week my French course will start: online, with a private teacher. And who knows? Maybe I’ll soon get on your nerves with a proudly swollen language-learning chest and blind cramming at this point with more than just a few chunks of French. In any case, I firmly believe that the best is yet to come!

Le meilleur est à venir!

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