January 2-14, 2022: Happy Holidays!

With dear friends we travel on 16 legs – four adults, two dogs – on January 2 for the second time from Munich to Trouville. Almost two weeks of beach, sea, dog walking, eating and enjoying …

With so much variety, beautiful moments and great excursions, I can meanwhile suppress the thought of my great adventure quite well.


Our tips

Oysters in Trouville

The fish market is the secret center of the town anyway. You simply can’t get any fresher oysters. Um, at least, that’s what they tell me. I myself like to do without fish and fish-like …


Shopping in Deauville

As different as Trouville and Deauville are: What they do, they do really well – and the magical Deauville can just small boutiques as well as large Nobelmarken.

Le Havre

With its fascinating modern architecture, the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

Mont Canisy

It is a bit strange, this bunker built area from the Second World War, but the view from up here to the sea is a joy. It reaches almost to the landing beaches and reminds us of peace. And by the way, you can enjoy it here quite extensively: so far we have met only a few other people here.


The small town, also called the pearl of the Cote Fleurie, is supposedly the prettiest harbor in Normandy and definitely worth a visit.



St. Thérèse makes the lively little town the Norman Lourdes. Worth seeing is especially the gigantic neo-Byzantine basilica that rises above the town.

On the way here, it’s worth checking in with one of the big Calvados distilleries for liquor lovers – our shopping bags were well full!



Admittedly: Here in the retiree’s paradise of Belle Epoque villas, January is really dead, but that’s exactly why we especially enjoyed our lonely beach walks between the mouth of the Dives and the cliffs Vaches Noires.

Bonnes Vacances!