January 23: Things are moving!

If you ask me, Trouville is charming at any time of the year! But of course, the sun is a rare guest in January and the sky above the town puts on its little gray coat – just as if it were also a little fresh …

In other words, it’s not the season at the moment. And the hotel fills up mainly on weekends. When Parisians are drawn to the sea to escape the metropolis. They usually arrive on Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday.

For today’s Sunday, four check-outs means four rooms. We start like last week with a team meeting and coffee together. Oliver and I take over 1 and 3. And I’m not the only one thinking about my time account: In one and a half hours the first apartment should be ready …


Well, what can I say? – It worked out just fine. I think that Oliver’s praise in the debriefing should rather have a motivational background, but hey: Already at the second housekeeping assignment I felt much more confident than last week. It works!

In the evening, we are invited to friends for a Sunday “apero”: I’m allowed and should absolutely come along – yay! And it is an absolute highlight for me. Because we don’t know this kind of small invitation in Germany – a wonderful thing! It’s really just about the one “drink”, a few slices of salami and nuts or chips on the hand – and after a good hour of nice exchange (kindly in wild alternation between English and French) is enough for me as an observer a nod of the head or a friendly “Voilà” of the host in the round, and all make their way home. Interesting!

But of course, I don’t just enjoy the insight into typical French customs. I am enraptured by these two hosts: She ex-model, actress and author. He a film producer. The nice neighbor with her adorable little son (who speaks French better than I do!) is an art director. Our conversations at the large center block of the modern kitchen naturally revolve around the different nationalities at the table, our creative jobs, artists from and in Trouville, a bit of local politics … so I would think: things are really going pretty well for me!

Ça marche!