January 28: Yvette cleans!

There is not much to report: Carlo and I took care of the 5 today after the guests left. The 5 and I, we are good old friends – because Martin and I both spent vacations here on the 2nd floor.

Voilà, the 5

At just under 40 square meters, this little gem is the largest apartment in the townhouse.

The living room is an invitation. To cozy evenings watching TV on the sofa. Lazy afternoons reading in the armchair. The elegant gray and white wall cabinets offer plenty of storage space. The old fireplace ledge can not really what. But it does a lot. And that means ambience.

Next door: the elegant bedroom. Both (living room and bedroom) have nice big windows. And the bedroom even has a diagonal view of the sea!

From the bedroom you go into the bathroom with the patterned floor tiles: very pretty and very grateful (Yvette thinks). The mirrored closet is huge and doesn’t just give the impression of space – the bathroom is really big! Just like the rain shower.

The admittedly rather small kitchen has (like all kitchenettes in the Townhouse) everything you need if you like to take the wooden spoon into your own hands. Even an oven and microwave. From the kitchen window, you can look out over the roofs of the surrounding houses and enjoy each new day in Trouville.

Unless you’re armed with a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning bucket like I am today … and because I can’t get enough of my maid’s job, I did my 7 – as a little finger exercise out of competition, so to speak. And what a struggle I had again with this oversized quilt. I really haven’t got the hang of it yet. But maybe I’m just too small? And even if the small cleaning hands are often an advantage: When making beds in the townhouse, I wish I had big grippers on long arms, and preferably lots of them … well, or maybe I’ll just practice being a maid a bit more!

Yvette fait le ménage!