Townhouse Services

Save time for what really matters, … your vacation!

As we all know how hard it is to travel and to arrive to an empty fridge, we offer you a full fridge service or fresh bakeries in the morning at your door.

Bookable with our „GuestAdvisor“ App or via call minimum 48h before your arrival.

Download for free our „GuestAdvisor“ App and log in with your TOWNHOUSE reservation number to order before your arrival.

Townhouse full fridge

Package 1
Lovers Lane

Package 1

  • 1 l fresh pressed orange juice
  • 4 x 1,5 bottles of VITEL water
  • 1 bar cote d‘or milk chocolate
Package 2

Package 2

  • ADDITIONAL to package 1
  • Box of Coffee capsules lungo
  • Bonne maman strawberry
  • Jar of nutella
  • 500gr Barilla S spaghetti
  • Glas of pesto
  • Bottle of Gamay red wine

Package 3

  • ADDITIONAL to package 1 + 2
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Monoprix gourmet fois gras
  • 12 Bins
  • Monoprix gourmet salmon
  • Pot of crème fraîche

Townhouse in bed

Package lovers
in bed

2 croissants au beurre
2 pain au chocolate

Package family
in bed

4 croissants au beurre
2 pain au chocolat
2 baguettes tradition